Gifts Given

One of the kindest gifts I have been given in my life is the gift of acceptance. Not “acceptance” as in, “I am one of you now, and so we must agree on the big issues of our time.” The gift is “acceptance” as in, “Wow!I think you are totally wrong about this. I think you have the facts wrong, and the wrong perspective, but I accept that you believe you are right about all of it, and I will treat you as if you might still be a good person-even if each of us standing up for what we believe in means we are facing off.” The gift is accepting my humanity and my decency even if we can’t both have what we want. Having a Personal Code of Character (PCC)doesn’t mean you are right. It means, you will conduct yourself in a way that lets you feel right and walk through life with a clear conscience. Having a P.C.C. does not obligate you to act as conscience for others nor does acceptance have to mean surrender🎶🎵

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