The original Around the Piano work-book and lessons: Includes demonstration audio cd.

For copies please use the contact form below

Song Samples


  • Introduction
  • Rationale and product description
  • How to use this book
  • Advice for boys with changing voices
  • Acknowledgments
  1. What I Ask of Myself-Be loving.  Share your talents.  Be “worth it.”
  2. Travelin’ Song-Stand up for what you believe in.  Be a good friend.
  3. I’m Gonna Use Music-Don’t give up.  Use music to help you through.
  4. Dreams- Picture a world without war.  Share your dreams.
  5. What’s Your Name?-Know what to look for in a friend.
  6. Good Friends-You can choose not to hate.
  7. When I Am the Best That I Am.  Be trustworthy.  Respect others. Be a citizen of the planet.
  8. I Wish That I Could Fly-You are not alone in your dreaming.
  9. I’m Right Here- You are not alone.  Be a good friend.
  10. Too Much Information Blues-It’s okay to have problems.  Talking about them can help.
  • From Around the Piano to the risers and the concert-a final note

The supplements-Includes demonstration audio download.  

1. I Think I Understand-Forgiveness feels better than hate and revenge.

2. It’s  Alright the Breathe-Take moments to enjoy the beauty of right now.  Appreciate.

3. The Eye of the Seeker-If you look for beauty, you will find it.

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