Frankie Valinda Ghee


The study and practice of music is incredibly important as a way for people of all ages to develop creative thinking skills, build self-confidence, learn goal setting, and enhance discipline.

However, sometimes singing needs to be less structured…more about freedom and fun than about skill and technique.  Singing can be a way for a group of people to share an emotional idea or proclaim a shared truth.  This type singing is about community, and every voice no matter how big, small, steady or wavering is valued.

The piano in AROUND THE PIANO might be an actual piano, but it doesn’t need to be.  All that’s needed is a safe, relaxed place to gather.  “Around the piano” singing should feel like singing around the campfire or around the coffee table on family night.  If the music comes out with passion and joy (even if without precision), all will be groovy.

AROUND THE PIANO helps young people feel safe within the song and provides opportunity and space for singers to experiment and explore their own vocal instruments.

Once you’ve gathered your group, you can sing and talk about anything, things that are going on in schools, classrooms, and homes as well as situations in local and national news.

The lyrics of the AROUND THE PIANO songs are specifically tailored to give voice to the values and concerns of young people.  Encouraging students to create their own verses strengthens the experience and nurtures a culture of team ownership and acceptance.

At AROUND THE PIANO, we have made it our goal to bring music and good character together in a way that’s fun and easy. With your purchase, you receive the ten song booklet which includes lyrics and sheet music along with teaching tips and lesson suggestions. You also get a demonstration audio cd as well as access to support from our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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