Around the Piano can help you help your students set character goals for 2017 and beyond


Around the Piano/Character Building Songs for Teens and Preteens

What I Ask of Myself-Be loving. Share your talents. Be “worth it.”
Travelin’ Song-Stand up for what you believe in. Be a good friend.
I’m Gonna Use Music-Don’t give up. Use music to help you through.
Dreams- Picture a world without war. Share your dreams.
What’s Your Name?-Know what to look for in a friend.
Good Friends-You can choose not to hate.
When I Am the Best That I Am. Be trustworthy. Respect others. Be a citizen of the planet.
I Wish That I Could Fly-You are not alone in your dreaming.
I’m Right Here- You are not alone. Be a good friend.
Too Much Information Blues-It’s okay to have problems. Talking about them can help.


Around the Piano is about gathering a group of young people into a safe space to sing and create while exploring and developing their own beliefs and goals about good character. There is something about singing with a a group that puts us in a team spirited mind set. When we are creating sound together, we are sharing a personal connection that is very powerful. If we add to that connect the deliberate language of integrity and character, we are taking advantage of the perfect setting.

Gathering your group together to talk and write about character is amazing, but singing the results of that creation is huge, and the songs, once learned, modified and sung repeatedly will not be easily forgotten.




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