Around the Piano at Camp Journey

Around the Piano/Character Building Songs for Teens and Preteens is an engaging resource that promotes social, emotional and character development while improving climate through singing, lyric writing and discussion.

progressive day 2 2018 3

What brings you joy?


Thank you Camp Journey!  Thank you Kools!

I had a blast with the campers and team leaders at Camp Journey at Ross Point in Post Falls, Idaho this week.   I  met with a small group of younger campers and loved their willingness to share about favorite songs, sing, dance,  experiment with percussion instruments, play with plastic cups, and cheer for everyone.   Remember 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…..?

I am super impressed with how kind and open everyone was with each other and with me.

If you want to know more about Camp Journey, visit

It’s an amazing program!

p.s.  You can call me “Treble”

progressive day 2 2018 1

Camp Journey at sunset

This is where we live

Tea Cup and Treble

Tea Cup and Treble Music Program


Out the door

Heading to Post Falls for my last session

Talent night


Cheering for each other

Woo hoos




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