You know you’re fortunate when…

Thanks to Krista and the wonderfully welcoming and talented singers at Spokane Public Montessori.  I had a blast singing with you, hearing you and trying to learn your names.

#NAfME 2016


#NAfME National Conference Day 1. Loving Grapevine TX with AROUND THE PIANO

Still Loving the National Forum. “Educate, Inspire, Empower, Building Productive Citizens”

Day 2 of the Forum has been inspiring so far. Excellent speakers and excellent attendees.

Of course, one of  the best parts of the forum is the exhibitors !  I wanted to share some of the awesome resources I learned about this week. Please check out the  Character Consortium!

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember, MUSIC REACHES!

Around the Piano: Resource for Teachers and Team Leaders

AROUND THE PIANO is a collection of easy to learn songs and lessons created by experienced teacher and performer Frankie Ghee. The lyrics give advice or share philosophies about character that young people can understand and explore. The lessons encourage creativity, self-expression, and tolerance. While designed intentionally to appeal to older students, this resource works well for all ages. Gathering around the piano fosters fellowship and bonding in ensembles, clubs, and community programs.

Featured song-Dreams 

What does a perfect world look like to you?  This is a great song to explore lyric writing, different musical styles and improvisation!

AROUND THE PIANO AT National Forum on Character Education

It’s a great day to talk and sing about character! 

New Item! Around the Piano Supplement #3 “The Eye of the Seeker” $13 includes shipping and handling

THE EYE OF THE SEEKER  is a new, original song by singer-songwriter, Frankie Valinda Ghee.  This song is about improving our life experiences by focusing on that which makes us joyful. Although working toward change can be an important component of one’s personal character, it is worthwhile to dedicate time to appreciate what is right with our lives and each other.  If we constantly look for faults in our community and the people in it,  we will spend every moment at battle against something.  We miss opportunities to lighten the lives of others with good news and reminders of beauty.  There is peace in the world.  We have to be willing to notice it.  There is beauty in everyone.  Let’s allow ourselves to recognize it.

AROUND THE PIANO SUPPLEMENTS are individual songs and lessons created  with the same goals as the ten original Around the Piano songs: getting young people singing, writing and talking about issues related to integrity and character.

Like all ATP songs, the supplements can be taught quickly. The easy piano parts are optional and  can be embellished or simplified to match your piano skills.

While we recommend starting with the full ATP workbook and adding the supplements as they become available, you will get everything you need to get started with your purchase.  You even have access to our team for ideas and examples.  We will email you a demonstration audio file when we send out your supplemental workbook.


Character Day 2016


#CharacterDay2016 Come sing, talk, and compose with us! 

Yes, we are mere days away. Come alone or with friends and or family. Bring your open mind, your sense of humor, and the voice you have. Music Rocks, Rolls, and reaches. 

When: 9/22/16 4:30pm

Where: Downtown Spokane Public Library/906 W Main

Who: Any and Every- young children are welcome with a supervising adult

Why: Joy, Community, Personal Inquiry 

Join us for #Character-Day September 22, 2016

Character Day is coming, and you are cordially invited to observe it with the Around the Piano team.  We will be hosting a musical event with discussion and song-writing at the fabulous Downtown Spokane Public Library.  We will start our gathering at 4:30pm and finish around 6:00pm.

Feel free to come by yourself or with a couple of friends.  Even better, bring your whole family. Young children are welcome with a supervising adult.

Focus for our time together this year will include:

  1. Using music for self expression, education, motivation and understanding
  2. Developing a personal code of character
  3. Improving  experiences by paying attention to positives

I look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, September 22, 2016  4:30-6:00pm

Downtown Public Library, 906 West Main Avenue, Spokane